Emoji Poop Halloween Costume Fashion


Halloween is approaching. If you still didn’t decide on your Halloween costume, and you want something truly fun and creative – try poop emoji Halloween costume!

We found this lovely DIY poop emoji costume video on Youtube. But if making a poop costume it’s too much hassle for you, skip the video and find the most hilarious poop costume you can find online.

1. Plush Poop Emoji Face Head Mask

If you think poop emoji is too cute to be spooky, we will prove you are wrong. This poop emoji hat/face mask is just so freaky. If I see it at night, I may pass out LOL.


2. Poop Emoji Halloween Costume

This poop emoji Halloween costume may be less scary, but combined with the face mask it can give you a spooky look.


3. BigMouth Inc Doo Doo Head Mask + T-shirt

This combination of fashionable poop t-shirt and big mouth poop mask is a great choice for someone who doesn’t like to do a makeup:D


Would you wear poop costume for Halloween?

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