Poop Ads At Super Bowl 50: Fun, Embarrassing or Dull?


Poop ads can be really fun. Last time, we discussed 3 hilarious poop marketing/advertising moments and how they effected sales and brand recognition. For many people, poop is a trendy piece of fashion (like those poop hats that everyone is wearing now), cute emoji, or a joke. But sometimes poop ads feel really awkward….

This year the Super Bowl 50 was broadcasting traditional ads filled with animals and celebrities. Nobody expected to see the ads about constipation and diarrhea. Some felt uncomfortable, other found these ads truly hilarious….even if they are not for millions of people suffering from bowel diseases.

The video shows a man who is envious of another man and a dog for being “to go” in public places. Many viewers believe the Super Bowl is not the right place to talk about bowel problems. AstraZeneca, the company behind “Envy” advertisement couldn’t agree with that. “Envy” got nearly 1 million views on YouTube and the drug’s website, oicisdifferent.com, got over 20,000 visitors over night.

But that was not it. The Super Bowl featured ANOTHER bowel-related commercial advertising Xifaxan, a drug that cures diarrhea. The video is featuring a mascot that is desperate to poop.

That was the moment when Twitter exploded with the comments. The videos featuring serious problems turned to be the objects of good laughter. And honestly, I was laughing too. Do you think the Super Bowl is a right place for such commercials?

P.S. A few funny tweets for you:

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