Poop Business: Top 5 Poop Businesses That Change The World


Poop is often a taboo topic in Western world, but these poop businesses have proven just how beneficial it can be for the world. Below you will find top 30 poop businesses and innovations that are making world a better place.

PoopHeart – Erin Moffatt

Hello, my name is Erin and I am the entre-poo-neur behind Poop Heart. My goal with starting Poop Heart is to add a little joy where people least expect it… in the bathroom with hilarious artwork featuring colorful animals pooping hearts. But why stop there? It’s my mission to make people smile so I created more awesome products like baby onesies, toddler tshirts, greeting cards, coffee mugs and more at poopheart.com. I’m passionate about poop and want to make a difference about an issue that people don’t talk about… toilets. Using my funny artwork, Poop Heart is bringing awareness to the sanitation challenges in the world. Did you know that more people have access to cell phones then toilets?! And ½ of the world’s population do not have access to clean water and basic sanitation. Poop Heart wants to change that and is proud to donate 10% of all proceeds to CAWST; Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology. CAWST has already helped 13.1 million people in 82 countries get access to clean water and sanitation systems! Add a smile to any room with Poop Heart and change the world, one pooping heart at a time.

mr Ellie Pooh – Dr. Karl Wald

elephantMr. Ellie Pooh is an innovative company making 100% handmade gifts used to promote elephant conservation. Our signature product is paper made from the fiber of elephant poop.

Elephants are being killed in Sri Lanka because of agriculture. It is our hope that creating living wage sustainable jobs using these resources will create value for the elephants; these noble creatures can be assets instead of pests.

Mr. Ellie Pooh is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation.

PoopBags.com – Paul D. Cannella

PoopBags.com makes the world a better place by providing an easy, and responsible way for pet owners to pick up after their pets. The bags are made from renewable resources such as corn, vegetable oils, and plant starches; and contain a minimum of 20% recycled material, these dog poop bags are blended with a proprietary additive that earns three national ASTM certifications. The benefits of using PoopBags range from keeping sidewalks and parks, clean, to helping keep waterway free of plastic and pet waste that can end up in our drinking water.


photo-essay-105UK-based Loowatt Ltd. has developed a proprietary waterless and energy generating toilet system that is clean and odourless. Loowatt’s unique technology offers pioneering applications to global markets wherever there is a need for high-quality, environmentally friendly toilet solutions. Loowatt has been building toilets with end-to- end waste treatment in Antananrivo since 2012, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.

The company currently has 90 toilets installed that serve paying household customers in a sustainable business model that will contain 100 household toilets in September 2016, to serving at least 500 household users daily. Sanitation plays a critical role in water quality—1.6 million people die every year from diarrheal diseases (including cholera) attributable to lack of access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation. (WHO, 2015). Save and clean toilets offer proven benefits to the health and dignity of people, especially women and children.

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Janicki Bioenergy – Peter Janicki

Thank you so much to all the Social entre-poo-neurs for making this world a better place! Please share this post with your friends and followers. Help us raise awareness of such important issues as water crises and animals protection.

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