Poop Marketing: Dull Product Ads That Went Viral


Yep. We’re going to talk about poop. Potty humor can work great without being gross but CHARMING. In fact, people get crazy about poop – just look at these incredible number of poop t-shirts, emoji pillows, and games!

Here are top 3 brands that have the most creative poop advertisement ever. Be ready for some some great shit.

#1. Poo-Pourri

In 2013, The Harmon brothers have created a video advertisement for a bathroom spray deodorizer Poo-Pourri – “Girls Don’t Poop”.

“Girls Don’t Poop” takes the toilet humor to new levels. The video got viral and fueled 34 million views. In just a week the video received 6 million views and more than 278,000 shares, meaning that about one in every 22 viewers shared the video along to their social media followers. “Girls Don’t Poop” increased Poo-Pourri’s Facebook fan base by 354 percent. There more than 8,000 reviews of the product on Amazon alone! You can check them here.

#2. Squatty Potty

In 2015, the Harmon brothers made another viral advertisement combining poop and unicorn. This amazing combination will never let you down. People love everything related to unicorn poop – unicorn poop cookies, unicorn poop t-shirts, shorts and even phone cases. This time the Harmon bros created a video with an ice cream pooping unicorn to promote the Squatty Potty, a foot stool that may improve your pooping position.

In its first nine days, the video received more than 39 million views on all media and more than 4000 orders on Amazon.

#3. Poop Café Dessert Bar

This poop-themed Cafe got viral long before its opening thank to Twitter! Actually it’s not even opened yet but everyone in Canada is talking about it. Opening mid-August in Koreatown, Lien Nguyen’s cafe will offer poop-shaped Korean ice cream! The cafe will be decorated with poop emojis on the walls, fake toilets to sit on; and plates will be of lavatory and urinal shapes.

Her idea is not new – similar-themed restaurants exist in Russia, South Korea, the Philippines, China, Japan and Indonesia.

Do you have a favorite poop-themed brand? Why do you think poop is “selling” so well? Share your opinion in the comment section below.


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