Top 3 Educational Toilet Games That Will Change Your Kid’s Life


According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, many kids suffer abuse during potty training period. Parents have high expectations for their children, and when things don’t go as expected – potty training process is interrupted by fear which slows down the process.

We’ve selected 3 most popular potty training apps that will help your child (and you) goo through the process smoothly.

Potty Training App

The ‘business’ should happen naturally without your strict control. So you feel like you’re sabotaging your child’s potty training, this Award winning app is right for you. According to their official website, the game includes 5 steps:

  • “Video Tutorial: Learn the powerful, 8 step framework that will guide you along the clear path to success in potty training
  • Animated Story: A cute, clever story following toddlers, Iaa and Agus, who will become motivational guides for your children as they face a very real obstacle – how do we let go of our diapers?
  • Interactive Game: Kids love to lead! This interactive app taps into your children’s love for animals by giving them the responsibility of potty training their furry friends.
  • Motivational Song: Super catchy, uplifting song that motivates your child to go to the potty on time, every-time
  • Printable Coloring Book: A fun way to reinforce the steps of the potty training process. Let your toddler print, color, and proudly display his or her work on the refrigerator!”

Here is a sneak-pick into the game:

Potty Time with Elmo

This is  #1 in Education in the App Store. This charming app features kid’s favorite furry red monster, Elmo, helping his toy Baby David learn to use the potty. The app offers animated stickers, a reward chart, puzzles, and 5 fun potty songs.

• When It’s Potty Time, You Feel It
• I Am Waiting on the Potty
• Flush Goes the Potty
• I Wash, Wash, Wash My Hands
• Boom, Boom, Ain’t It Great to Be a Big Kid

The app offers:

• Narrated by Elmo with fun sound effects
• 5 fun-to-sing potty-time songs
• 15 animated stickers that are collected in a sticker book
• Sticker Reward Chart to track your child’s progress
• 5 potty-themed puzzles
• Helpful training tips for parents of would-be potty-goers
• 3 reading modes to choose from

Time to Potty

Pull-Ups® offers free smart potty timer. Time to Potty helps your kids learn the importance of taking regular potty breaks by automatically adjusting based on their progress. You can make potty training more fun and unlock celebration games featuring your kid’s favorite Disney character.

App features:

• Personalize the app with your child’s name
• Unlock new Disney celebration games as you and your child use the app
• Weekly emails chart your child’s progress and offer tips, Pull-Ups® coupons and online savings
• Smart timer adjusts based on your child’s progress

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