The 3 Amazing Unicorn Poop Cookies Tutorials


You are not a pro, but you love baking? Ask your kids to come around and make these delicious unicorn poop cookies! Baking is a great family activity, isn’t it?

Rosanna from ‘The Nerdy Nummies’ shows us how to make these gorgeous colorful (and tasty) cookies that you friends and family will love. She walks you through every single detail. Watch how she makes this amazing creation in the following video tutorial:

2. Famouse Rainbow Unicorn Poop Cookies – with yoyomax12

If you want to try something different, check these super cute and unusual Unicorn poop sugar cookies by Yoyomax. This is the oldest and most loved unicorn poop cookies tutorial on Youtube:

3. Unicorn Poops by Chef Olive

If you don’t think you’re up for making something serious and simply want to have fun with your kids, here’s a little different video tutorial for you. Chef Olive is a funny little girls who loves cooking unusual stuff. This video tutorial inspired hundreds of children worldwide to try baking!

Which cookies did you like the best? Have you ever tried to make unicorn poop cookies?

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